First Steps to a Drug-Free Life

Drug-free Withdrawal

Karma G

I was badly involved in heroin. I also got STDs because of it but later cured. I had hit rock bottom. After coming at Narconon, I have new hope. I feel better and healthy. I have been here for about 20 days so far. I can eat properly. That is my main win so far.

Kishor C

I used to take alcohol and I had high blood pressure because of it. After coming here and becoming alright, my blood pressure has stabilized and I no longer need medications for it. I think Narconon has given me a new life.

Rakesh G

I used to misuse tablets and I was in denial that I was an addict. After coming here and knowing about the program, I realized I was wrong. I really opened my eyes about the harmful impacts of drugs. After receiving Objectives as part of the Withdrawal step, I feel I am in present time.

Ashish K

My heroin problem is now gone thanks to the Narconon withdrawal. My withdrawal could have been horrible but the staff cooperation made it a lot easier. I feel better now.

Anish B

I used opiates. I was physically weak. Minor work made me very tired. My stamina was gone. I think the nutritional diet was key in helping me out in my withdrawal phase.

New Life Detoxification Program

Ganesh G

After the sauna program, I felt really pure and untouched from the inside. All my cravings were gone. I have quit cigarettes too. This is my main win so far.

Suraj G

I feel very light and active. I was haunted by my past problems and now they are diminished. I feel really blessed to have done this program.

Sagar D

My thoughts used to be unclear and hazy. I had difficulty understanding communications. Now my mind is very clear and I can think clearly. I am able to realize my past mistakes and I am preparing plans how I can amend them.

Nishan P

I used to have a pain in my lower back for no reason. That pain is totally gone to my surprise. I used to think sauna does not work but I really feel refreshed and active.


Gunjan Gautam

Qualifications Secretary at Narconon Nepal