Narconon Nepal Withdrawal and Detox Success Stories

Withdrawal Program Completions

My alcohol problem is totally diminished. I was quite negative toward the program at first but having gone through this first phase I feel very optimistic toward my mental and physical health. The Narconon staff are very encouraging.

Chandra T–Narconon Nepal Student

I was hooked on tablets. My withdrawal was horrible. I went through a lot of bodily aches. But the vitamins and assists were really helpful to me to ease that pain. I am fit now and played football after ages.

Shiva G–Narconon Nepal Student

When I came to withdrawal, I got a special vitamin combination called drug bomb which helped me regain all the vitamins & minerals that I had lost during my drug addiction period and a solution of Calcium and Magnesium to relax my nerves and bones. I also got uncountable assists to help ease my physical pain. I came out as a physically fit person.

Sharad K–Narconon Nepal Student

New Life Detoxification Program Completions

When I finished the sauna, I felt like I got a new life, reborn. I had a clear body and a clear mind and I was feeling physically very light. All the drugs residue came out of my body during the sauna.

Laxit K–Narconon Nepal Student

After completing the sauna, I had a clear body and a clear mind. I overcame all the reactions and manifestations during the sauna with the help of the niacin and the other vitamins. All the drugs which had remained in my fat came out with the sweat during the sauna due to which I now feel relaxed and light.

Rupesh B–Narconon Nepal Student


Gunjan Gautam

Qualifications Secretary at Narconon Nepal