Drug-Free Withdrawal:
The first step of the Narconon Program

The Narconon program begins with a drug-free, nonmedical withdrawal process designed to assist the individual to come off drugs as rapidly and comfortably as possible. (When a physician deems it medically necessary, Narconon refers students for a distinct medically supervised withdrawal as a prerequisite to beginning the Narconon program.)

During this step, Narconon withdrawal specialists are on hand and available to help individuals through the difficult time of coming off drugs through the program. Narconon staff monitor sleep, food, fluid intake and general progress through the process. They also administer gentle physical techniques known as assists to help calm spasms and lessen aches and pains.

Through procedures called objectives, staff also help to reorient students to the present, directing the students’ attention off themselves and their bodies and onto the environment around them. Objectives also help to relieve mental and emotional discomfort of looking inward at negative thoughts or dwelling on the past.

Finally, nutrition plays a vital role in withdrawal. To function properly, the body requires vitamins and minerals; drugs and alcohol burn up vitamins and minerals and mask the painful signs that the body is failing. When the person stops taking drugs, the pain and discomfort are manifested in withdrawal.

In addition to assists and objectives, a vitamin and mineral formula is taken by students for support during the withdrawal process to help repair the body.

I had an alcohol problem. It had made me unable to function as a normal human being. At first I was negative toward Narconon. I used to think addiction was a disease and it can be cured only by medicines. But here vitamins were provided to me which helped way more than medicines would have.

Prakash—Narconon Nepal Student

I used intravenous pharmaceutical drugs. My sickness was very bad. But I feel that the vitamins and mainly nerve assist really helped me sleep. I can now sleep for 9 hours and it is the best feeling.

Romas—Narconon Nepal Student

My dependence on tablets had made me very ignorant. I used to think I was not an addict and that I was living a normal life. After coming here, I have come to realize how wrong I was. I was the worst type of addict who stole from his mother. My withdrawal was quick and easy but it gave me time to realize my past mistakes.

Bibek—Narconon Nepal Student

I had a heavy alcohol problem and I thought I would die if I didn’t get to drink. After coming here I feel fresh and fine. The staff were very cooperative and motivated me all the time.

Bijay—Narconon Nepal Student

I came from India due to my heroin problem. My withdrawal was quite intense and I thought I would never get through the problem. But the vitamins that were provided to me helped relieve my problems and now after 12 days, I feel very normal.

Arshdeep—Narconon Nepal Student

I had an alcohol problem. I thought rehabilitation never works but this center proved me wrong. It not only helped me get through my addiction problem but has given me a vision for my future.

Jagadishwor—Narconon Nepal Student

I was badly involved in heroin. I also got STDs because of it but was later cured. I had hit rock bottom. After coming here, I have new hope. I feel better and healthy. I have been here for about 20 days. I can eat properly. That is my main win.

Karma—Narconon Nepal Student

I used to take alcohol and I had high blood pressure because of it. After coming here and becoming alright, my BP has stabilized and I no longer need medications for it. I think Narconon has given me a new life.

Kishor—Narconon Nepal Student

I used to misuse tablets and I was in denial that I was an addict. After coming here and learning about the program, I realized I was wrong. I got to read 10 things you may not know about drugs and it really opened my eyes about the harmful impacts of drugs. After doing objectives in withdrawal I feel I am in present time.

Rakesh—Narconon Nepal Student



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