I Thought I Would Never Be Able to Come Off Drugs

The Narconon program begins with a drug-free, nonmedical withdrawal process designed to assist the individual to come off drugs as rapidly and comfortably as possible. During this step, Narconon withdrawal specialists are on hand and available to help individuals through the difficult time of coming off drugs through the program. Narconon staff monitor sleep, food, fluid intake and general progress through the process. They also administer gentle physical techniques known as assists to help calm spasms and lessen aches and pains. This is what Sujeet had to say after having completed his Drug-Free Withdrawal step of the Narconon program:

I had a withdrawal that was not easy, but the vitamins helped me a lot. I thought I would never be able to come off drugs. I thought it was impossible. But Narconon has made it possible for me.

Sujeet—Narconon Nepal Student


Gunjan Gautam

Qualifications Secretary at Narconon Nepal